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Default RE: Positive Displacement Superchargers

bump, yo
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Default RE: Positive Displacement Supercharger Info

What I want to know is there any other twin screw for a 5.0 besides the KB. I don't like the way the KB hangs over to the side. I want something that sits in the center of the motor and is capable of 15-20lb of boost but with a pully change I can run around9 lbfor the street.
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Default RE: Positive Displacement Supercharger Info

so if I'm installing a supercharger in my v6 07 stang, I should go with whipple or kenne bell instead of vortech?
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Default RE: Positive Displacement Supercharger Info

Another interesting fact about roots type blowers for the younger crowd ( yes i'm an old geezer compared to alot ) . The first Roots type blowers were acually taken off diesel engines and adapted to fit on gasoline engines. Thus the ones you will find being called 4-71, 6-71, 8-71 and so on , those were taken off Detoit Diesel (GM--Gray Marine)engines and new drive housings made to run off a belt. Roots type blowers were around long before World War 2 on deisel engine applications.
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Default RE: Positive Displacement Supercharger Info

Getting more fuel into the charge would make for a more powerful explosion. But you can't simply pump more fuel into the engine because an exact amount of oxygen is required to burn a given amount of fuel. This chemically correct mixture -- 14 parts air to one part fuel -- is essential for an engine to operate efficiently. The bottom line: To put in more fuel, you have to put in more air. That's the job of the supercharger. Superchargers increase intake by compressing air above atmospheric pressure, without creating a vacuum. This forces more air into the engine, providing a "boost." With the additional air in the boost, more fuel can be added to the charge, and the power of the engine is increased. Supercharging adds an average of 46 percent more horsepower and 31 percent more torque. In high-altitude situations, where engine performance deteriorates because the air has low density and pressure, a supercharger delivers higher-pressure air to the engine so it can operate optimally.----drug rehab
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From my understanding, learned in several thermo classes, a positive displacement supercharger produces the pressure (boost) inside the case, just as they previously explained, with the air moving down the case in the decreasing space between the rotors, therefore when the air leaves the case it is already pressurized to a set psi. In superchargers that are not positive displacement they just push the air through the supercharger and stack the air ontop of itself in the combustion chamber, or ontop of the intake valve. So the air leaving the supercharger is not pressurized when leaving the case but builds the pressure at the valve simply from the air having nowhere else to go.
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Default boost question

just bought an 08 500 with kenne bell 2.8 blower turns 15-17 psi has pump gas jhave not been to dyno does this sound like alot?
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