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the door opening usually controls the dome lights not the map lights, try opening the cover between the two lights thats the bulb that is supposed to come on when you open the door if the bulb is present and not blown then check your fuses
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Originally Posted by bmiller15 View Post
I have 3 total lights for a dome light, 2 small ones on switches and one in the middle, the one in the middle comes on automatically when you open the door or manually if you turn the head light switch counter clockwise. Try rotating the headlight switch until you hear a click if the dome light comes on its the sensors in the door. If they dont come on it is either a blown fuse or a blown bulb. Or in my case when I first bought my mustang there wasn't the 3rd bulb because someone removed it and forgot to replace it
I looked at mine this weekend. The middle bulb was burn out. So I replaced it. Funny thing is, when I open the passenger door, the light comes on. When I open the drivers door, it does not.

So where is the sensor?
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Originally Posted by Sicy Stang View Post
Oh lord. I'm an idiot. I took off the dome light cover and there is no bulb in the middle! So I just went to buy the bulb, put it in, and apparently it just stays on constantly. So it's no wonder whoever had the car last took the bulb out. anyone know how to fix this?
One of the dome light door switchs is probably stuck in the closed (On) position.

If you open the drivers, towards the bottom of the door frame (below the door latch) there is a black accordian looking cover. This is the head of the switch. It comes in contact with the door when you close it.

Passenger side also has one. These are the switches:

This is the boot, not for your year but it looks almost identical:
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hmmm, I don't see that on my car. I will look again tonight but I don't see that on the drivers door.
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Originally Posted by Fink View Post
are you talking about the map lights(2 lights with switches on the dome light) or turning the **** until it clicks beside the cluster? If your turning the **** then I would believe it is just the sensors in the door latches making them not turn on when you open the door(s).
I had to join just to say thank you for jarring my sleepy mind. I got into the car this morning and the two map lights on the rear view mirror wouldn't shut off. now during the winter, there were times I would have to slam the door shut but only because the door itself wouldn't stay shut.

Anyways, back to this mornings issue. I tried everything and was about to cut the wires leading to the lights to get them to shut off. Then after reading this post it jumped into my head that I detailed the car yesterday and probably turned the cluster panel switch to on.

This was the case.

***pours himself another cup of coffee before getting back behind the wheel***
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Default mine is doing it the same

Did you ever find out the problem?
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