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Seat Belt Guide????

Old 08-14-2006, 02:51 PM
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Default RE: Seat Belt Guide????

ORIGINAL: kindred169

You know, as stupid as it might sound, I've never noticed a seat belt clip. I'm gonna check that out after work, cause that would help a bunch.

But still, why doesn't that tilt lever slide the seat forward too? I hate two step processes!
At least on my GT there is a little strap that comes out of the bottom of the seat back upholstery and has a little magnet on the end that attaches to the bottom of the seat. You can then just wrap the little strap around the seat belt and it keeps the belt from falling so far back behind the seat. This is something so simple that I can't imagine that they didn't put them on the V6 also, but stranger things have been known to happen.

As for the tilt lever sliding the seat forward, I am totally with you. I think that if you use the handle on the back of the seat to move the seat back up it should also slide the seat forward. But then if you use the tilt lever on the side of the seat it should only move the back of the seat without sliding the seat forward.
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Old 08-14-2006, 04:09 PM
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Default RE: Seat Belt Guide????

On my 2006 Pony convertible I have the little tab at the bottom of the seat for the seat belt. So it isn't only on the GT -- maybe it is only on the V6 with interior upgrade?
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Default RE: Seat Belt Guide????

All 05+ stangs have the little strap on the bottom of the 2 front seats that you can put around the bottom of the seatbelt.
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Default RE: Seat Belt Guide????

Yeah, I had finally figured that one out! lol.....At first I had no idea what that strap was for! But it definatly does help.
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Old 08-14-2006, 08:42 PM
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Default RE: Seat Belt Guide????

My 05 V6 had the strap on both sides, but for 07 they've gotten rid of it on the passenger side for some reason [:@] The strap makes the seatbelt reach MUCH easier. It also prevents that annoying slamming sound when you let the belt go (and it hits the back panels) before getting out of the car. On my 05 the strap matched the seat covers and were magnetically held. On my 07 it's black fabric and has a plastic snap instead of a magnet. The magnet worked fine and was easier to use, sometimes I wonder why Ford "improves" these things.
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Default RE: Seat Belt Guide????

The little strap on the side of the seat helps, but everyday I have to "re-learn" to reach for the seatbelt with my left arm since at work I'm in and out of dozens of cars with "regular" seatbelts...

I'm really suprised there isn't some sort of fix-it part for this problem. With as many aftermarket parts for the Mustang as there are, you figure someone would have already come up with a way to make our seatbelts work like every other car out there.
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I am confused. I have a 07 GT. All i see is a snap on the seat, but nothing to attach it to ? Ive ben trying to find i believe 09 or newer seat bel ext, that attaches to the top of pillar (where seat belt retracts) its plastic and has the elbow to retract it.
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Originally Posted by nonstopred View Post
It is really getting annoying and also for the passengers who come in my car that they have to reach their arm really far back just to get the seat belt. Why isnt there a guide on the seat so the belt stays there, I know theres one on the bottom, but it doesnt really hold the belt. My brother's 04 has one , and without I wouldnt see how to operate, now I do. Is there a thing that someone makes that the head rest pole slides through that will rest on the seat while clamped to the headrest to hold the seat belt.

Does this exist on the convertible????

Hard to explain hope you guys got the basic gist of the post
just ordered some off of eBay for a Dodge Challenger will let you know if they fit. I've seen ones other people have ordered through GM and had to make minor modifications but they look really good
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