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Kiwicrazybird 04-30-2013 11:40 PM

Portawalls and radial tires?
So I have been trying to give my car a bit of a "facelift". One thing I have always loved is cars with whitewall tires. I can't afford the real thing, but have been looking at the "portawalls" The place that put my tires on can install them and said they would do all the adjustments. I have read in a few places portawalls aren't really suppose to go on modern radial tires (which I assume is what's on my car). Kind of wondering if that's advice for those who would put them on at home without proper equiptment to do whatever adjustments are needed to the tire, or if they just plain don't go and my tires will be ruined even if a tire shop installs them? Any ideas?

Jazzer The Cat 05-05-2013 06:52 PM

I have never heard of Portawalls until this very moment!

I found a video on YouTube.... that shows them being installed on a VW (appearently fairly common on them). I only watched enough of the vid to see the tire seems to be what holds them in place. This means you cannot do it yourself, unless you have a tire machine.

Jazzer :)

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