The Classic Ford Mustang (1964.5-1973)

When the Ford Mustang debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, it was clear by the reaction of the public that the new pony car from Ford Motor Company was going to be an instant success.  While the Mustang has seen many changes over its long and prosperous history, there are few cars on […] More »

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The Next SVO Mustang?

Ford Motor Company’s EcoBoost is nothing more than a “green name” for twin turbocharging and direct injection, just in case you didn’t know.  However, like previous TT setups that were geared strictly towards performance, the goal of the EcoBoost is to offer V8 performance with V6 economy.  This project has proven to be successful, as […] More »

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2010 Mustang Interior Teasers

The Ford Motor Company has been tight lipped on details for the 2010 Mustang refresh, although spyshots (including some MustangForums exclusive shots) have given us some things to discuss. Recently, Ford has begun releasing teaser shots as the release date at the LA Auto Show draws near.   In typical FMC fashion, the shots are […] More »

  Comments | By - October 20, 2008

MustangForums Exclusive…2010 Mustang GT Spy Shots!!!

Have a look at these MustangForums-exclusive shots of what is more than likely the 2010 Mustang GT, first covered up (note the black wheels in the second picture), then in its familiar camouflage. While there are no badges visible, the massive GT fog lights are clear, eventhough the hood cover and large bulge looks as […] More »

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Just Don’t DONK.

It’s re-donk-ulous! All of the ruined Caprices, Grand Marquis, and Town Cars are enough, ya think? No need to bring our American Icon into things. Yes, it has enough power to push those huge and heavy wheels, but that doesn’t mean that it wants to. If it could tuck its tail in shame, it would.

  Comments | By - June 25, 2008

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