Street Outlaws BoostedGT Has Close Call at San Antonio Raceway

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BoostedGT from Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws has near miss on the way to victory at the San Antonio Raceway.

When you are drag racing “street” cars in the fastest groups at events like the Winter Meltdown 2 at San Antonio Raceway, sometimes things get a little hairy. BoostedGT, which is the on track name of Chris Hamilton, is well known among drag racers in the Texas area, and nationwide thanks to his appearances on the Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws. This Mustang, which actually started life as a Cobra, still runs a Ford small block based motor, on alcohol, with one huge turbo, for claimed power numbers over 1000 hp at the wheels.

This being street type, straight up, grudge match racing, there are no trap speeds or ET to reveal, but just watching the video you know they would be impressive. In this video he takes on Liam Nissan (an LS turbo powered Nissan Hard Body truck with a particular set of skills), a fast Fox Body Mustang, a red, super serious looking, big tire, back half Mustang , and a Camaro, and beats them all. If that red Mustang hadn’t messed up the start though, it would have been a different story. That car looked more like a funny car with headlights and license plates than a real street car.

Ford Mustang -Twin turbo, big tire, back half at San Antonio Raceway

In the Nick of Time

The big drama comes in the last race, when a murdered out S197 (I think, it is very dark) Mustang hooks up well enough to carry the front wheels for 100 feet. Without any hope of steering, the driver is at the mercy of torque and it wants to send the car to the left. Luckily, BoostedGT is faster, or the other Mustang backs off just in time, so that when he does cross over into the other lane they aren’t neck and neck.

People may credit the car with doing all the work in drag racing, but at this “no prep” race, and other like it, drivers like Chris Hamilton who can launch perfectly every time have a real advantage. Who cares if you have 2000 hp if you can’t keep your car in its lane? Or you hook up so hard at launch that you bog the engine?

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