Building a Drag Beast Mustang With a Borrowed Block

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When racing is life, you compete no matter what.

What happens when you’re a top-level drag competitor and you have no motor just a week before your next event? Well, if you’re the kind of person who wins races and makes friends, you make a few calls and borrow a new block. That’s the story behind the wild showing of the Grinch at last month’s King of the Streets XVII event.

mustang the grinch

Back in May at Battle of the Titans, the Grinch suffered some engine damage. After it became obvious the team wouldn’t be able to fix it before the KotS event, they announced on facebook that they would be missing the event. That’s when the cavalry arrived.

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On the monday before the event, they were loaned a new block and it turned into a different kind of race. A scramble to get the car finished by Friday so they could actually compete. As the video below from 1320 shows, not only did the team manage to get the car running, it was competitive as hell. The new block was slightly smaller than the old one, and the team was running even less nitrous than normal to try and keep the block in one piece (it is borrowed after all), but that didn’t stop them from making it all the way to the finals!

Sadly, they didn’t quite come up with a win as they lost out to Section 8’s SN-95 in the final round.

Even without a win, it’s hard to call the Grinch’s performance anything other than amazing. Working on with a borrowed block on borrowed time, and managed to come through in the last second to beat nearly all comers, in two different classes no less, is a mighty feat. So the next time you end up with a problem in your drag Stang, maybe give a few friends a call. Who knows what might happen.

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