Would You Buy These ‘Custom’ SVT Cobra Logo Wheels?

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SVT Cobra "Custom" Wheels"

Taste varies, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes that beholder is blind. Enter these ‘custom’ SVT Cobra wheels

Look, we get it. There are millions of Mustangs in the world, and you want to make yours a little bit special. In fact, the amazing modification community that exists around the Ford Mustang is one of its best assets. But there needs to be a line where you stop and say “no.” Thanks to the horrors of eBay, we have now found that line.

These custom wheels feature a five-spoke design, where each spoke is the SVT Cobra logo. On paper, it sounds pretty cool, but as you can see from the photos, these wheels look hideous. Now the company that is listing them says they will do any custom color or finish you want, and these might look ok in black, but they don’t have any photos to share with us.

Ugly, "Custom" SVT Cobra Wheels

Made from 6061 aluminum

We also don’t know if we would trust our car to roll around on these wheels. The seller claims each wheel is milled from a single block of 6061 aluminum, but those spokes look awfully thin to handle the power and handling a proper Mustang could throw at them. And then we get to the really shady stuff.

The wheels are listed as manufactured in China, and the seller has only two verified ratings on the sale page. Oh, and did we mention that the “Buy It Now” price is listed at ten-thousand damn dollars?! That fact that some of the photos shoe the wheels with Jaguar center caps is just the final insult to all this injury.

So, if you are someone who wants to blow insane amounts of money on cheap Chinese wheels, of very questionable strength, that also look uglier than Taco Bell vomit, we have the eBay ad for you. For everyone else with a brain, just look at the photos, laugh and or cry, and then move on with life.

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