Could this be the New 2016 Mustang GT500?

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Word on the street is that a camouflaged Mustang recently spotted in Santa Monica might very well be the prototype for the high-performance replacement for the Shelby GT500.

About the only exterior details that could be identified on the heavily camo’ed car was a bulge on the hood, Michelin Pilot Super Sports summer performance tires, and a quad-tip, double-barrel exhaust.

Some details spotted on the interior of the prototype really have people buzzing.  Unlike the 2014 Mustang Shelby GT500, which has a redline of 6,350 rpm, the prototype recently spotted in Santa Monica showed a redline of 6,500.

The car was also said to have a redline topping 7,000 like the current GT500.

Now, exactly what this higher-performance model will be called is still subject to debate with Ford being pretty mum on future versions of the new Mustang at this point, but speculation is that it probably will be called the GT350.

Source [autoevolution]

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