Notchback ‘Cynaide’ Mustang is Death on Wheels

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Think twice before tangling with this unassuming-looking notchback.

While it’s hard to call any Mustang a sleeper, it’s a safe bet that most folks wouldn’t expect your average Fox-body to stand toe-to-toe with the latest and greatest machinery.

This particular Fox body from  teaches us a couple of important lessons: expect the unexpected, and remember that all’s fair in love, war, and racing.

Cynaide Mustang

You’d be forgiven for overlooking the Cyanide Mustang at first. It’s a simple, unadorned LX notchback in white — about as plain as it gets. The exhaust is fairly subdued, too, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might just be a bolt-on car with a small cowl hood and a set of slicks.

Expecting low 14s or even 13s in the quarter mile would put it on par with just about every similar Fox you’ve seen at the strip before. This isn’t every other Fox you’ve seen, though. This is Cyanide, and it flat-out hauls.

The video is short, and no times are shown. But we’ve seen enough to know that this thing hooks up like Velcro and hauls down the strip faster than nearly anything else on the street.

Cynaide Mustang is Death in a Plain White Wrapper

Like any good magician, the owner won’t reveal his secrets in the comments, saying only that it’s a Ford V8 between the fenders. We don’t hear anything to suggest a turbo or supercharger setup, but we can see a nitrous purge around the 30-second mark.

If you want to line up against Cyanide, you might have a chance, albeit it’s a small window of opportunity. While it launches hard and fast, it looks to get a little rowdy after the 60-foot mark. Once the owner gets those issues taken care of, though, we suggest you think twice before betting the farm on a race with this fast Fox.

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