Ford’s ‘Canvas’ Celebrates Growth, Plans to Expand in 2018

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Monthly vehicle subscription program makes multiple enhancements, including adding Mustangs to the mix.

Canvas, the Ford Motor Company subsidiary offering a simple, flexible alternative to car ownership, has seen significant milestones less than one year since launch. The company’s hassle-free subscription model, giving people access to their own vehicle without the commitment of financing or leasing, has 600 current customers.

Serving the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles areas, Canvas has added features to help customers better personalize their experience, from adding multiple drivers to allowing flexible mileage packages. Canvas customers so far have driven more than 3 million miles, equivalent to 120 trips around the equator.

“Building on our success in 2017, we plan to further expand our platform and offerings in 2018 to meet even more customer needs,” said Canvas founder and CEO Ned Ryan. “Month-to-month subscriptions are just the first step. As our product evolves over the coming year and beyond, we’ll be focused on adding more customization to the platform, implementing solutions to improve the scalability of the business and offering bigger savings for customers who want longer terms.”


‘Month-to-month subscriptions are just the first step. As our product evolves, we’ll be focused on adding more customization to the platform.’


With Canvas, customers have a vehicle 24/7 as if it were their own. They pay a bundled monthly subscription fee that covers a preferred mileage package, comprehensive insurance, warranty, maintenance and roadside assistance. Packages start at $400 a month depending on the vehicle and other options.

Canvas also allows customers to select a vehicle, mileage package, delivery location and other details easily and conveniently through its website. When a customer is ready to return the vehicle, they simply give seven days’ notice and Canvas will pick up the vehicle at a convenient location.

“As car ownership evolves, we see Canvas as part of our suite of products that address changing customer needs in mobility,” said Ford Credit Executive V.P. of Marketing David McClelland. “Canvas is building subscription products that are relevant to consumers today, and it’s building technology for the future, including billing and fleet management, with a nimble approach to product development.”

Canvas has worked closely with its first customers to understand how they’re using their vehicles to refine the experience to better meet their needs. Momentum to date includes:

After launching in the Bay Area in May, Canvas expanded to West Los Angeles in November 2017. The service launched with two models and now offers a wide range of Ford vehicles, with Mustangs being among the most requested cars. So, Ford is adding 2015 Mustangs to the list for Canvas subscribers in the Bay Area.

Since then, Canvas has created more options to allow customers to better customize the service. These include the ability to add multiple drivers to an account, and mileage packages that allow customers to flex mileage up or down as often as they need, even mid-month.

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