Ford’s Retired V6 Mustang Motor Gets Second Life in Futuristic Racer

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Mustang-Powered Revolution

British track day monster has 350 horsepower, weighs only 1,653 pounds and uses a six-speed sequential transmission.

Some ponies end up being put out to pasture after serving their tour of duty, whether as a plow horse tilling the soil for the last time, or a champion thoroughbred finishing his storied career. The 3.7-liter Cyclone/Duratec V6 was among those old horses spending time in retirement, having been replaced in the Mustang by the 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline-four.

It looks like the old V6 still has some life left in it, though. The Drive reports the former Mustang engine now powers a new race car by British startup Revolution Race Car.

Mustang-Powered Revolution

The new Mustang-powered racer, which has no official name yet, uses the 3.7-liter with a six-speed sequential transmission used in the insane rally cars of FIA’s World Rally Championship series. The engine puts out 350 horsepower, and will last some 100 hours or 6,200 miles on the track before needing a rebuild.

Mustang-Powered Revolution

Founded by Radical co-founder Phil Abbott (whose RXC race car also uses the Mustang’s retired 3.7-liter V6), Revolution’s mission is make Le Mans-style prototype racing more affordable. The car’s starting price is $130,000, and it weighs 1,653 pounds. Combined with the V6, this is one car that is set to fly around the track for those with bigger pockets than most of us.

That said, it’ll be awhile before this Mustang-powered race car comes over to the United States. Revolution’s racer will be part of a one-make series anchored around tracks in Great Britain, concluding with a support race in Portugal in the European Le Mans Series. A continental Europe series is in the offing, centered in France. We can’t wait to finally see this fine-lined British brute use all-American power for the win.

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