The 2010 Mustang Revealed!!

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2010 mustang 1.JPGMany enthusiasts ‘couldn’t wait’ to see the 2010 Ford Mustang, and evidently, Ford couldn’t wait to show it off.  While we all expected to get our first look at the new Mustang as a whole on Tuesday night, late Monday night Ford began releasing videos and images of the new Pony.

It began on, with an intro video that ended with what appeared to be a computer generated (or heavily enhanced) burnout by a 2010 GT. Between the spyshots and the teasers, we all had a fairly good idea of what to expect, but there were a few changes that you couldn’t see from the teasers and spyshots.

2010 mustang 2.jpgThe new angle where the trunk meets the taillight panel is far more rounded than the previous model, and aside from the slight molded spoiler, the back of the car has more flow than the current Mustang. The wheel flares are more prominent, as are the side lines of the car as they meet in front of the rear wheel, but where the wheel flares had a more defined ‘top’, the 2010 wheel openings meld seamlessly into the fender and quarter panel.  The front fenders sweep downward to the headlights, and the grille area looks to be smaller, and with that, more aggressive.  

The big news wasn’t so much the actual release of the 2010 Mustang, but more the specifications.  With the Chevrolet Camaro offering 422 horsepower in the SS package and the Dodge Challenger making 425 horsepower in their SRT-8 form, Blue Oval diehards had been hoping for a GT with a little more punch.  However, the rumors of the triumphant return of the mighty Ford 5.0 have proven to be untrue (for now, anyway), as the 4.6L 3V engine is still the powerplant for the GT, although it has gotten a slight step up in power to 315 horsepower.  This could hurt Ford, as the ‘mid-level’ Dodge Challenger R/T offers 370 horsepower, and the base model V6 Camaro is expected to make around 300 horsepower, even though the 3500-ish pound Mustang should have a weight advantage over both.

We can expect photos of the 2010 Mustang to begin flooding the internet today, with the SPEED TV official television debut of the new Stang tonight at 11pm.  To discuss the 2010 Mustang, click here!

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