Shelby GT350 Performs an Incredible Donut on YouTube

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Shelby GT350 Burnout

It’s like ballet, but tougher, faster, louder, and with a lot more horsepower and tire smoke.

Ford’s Shelby GT350 is a high-performance track weapon, designed to hang with – and subsequently embarrass – much more expensive machinery. It turns out that it’s really good at doing donuts, too.

This YouTube video from That OneGuy is title, appropriately enough, “Best Donut Ever – Mustang Shelby GT350.” We’re inclined to agree with his assessment, as it is indeed a pretty impressive donut.

The grey and black Shelby GT350’s gloriously cacophonous exhaust note (courtesy of the Voodoo engine’s notorious flat-plane crankshaft) is at full song, on full display as the Mustang pirouettes across the pavement.

Watching someone so flagrantly disregard the law is equal parts catharsis and wish fulfillment. Many of us, if we had a little bit less to lose, would be inclined to give something like this a try at least once. Of course, the threat of a ticket or, worse, getting sent to jail and having our Mustang impounded keeps us from misbehaving too much.

We have to say, the driver is pretty brave, pretty stupid, or a little of both (we all are, sometimes). While the parking lot where the tire destruction took place appears pretty empty, it’s right next to a busy road, in broad daylight, in the middle of the afternoon.

Still, we hope that the owner didn’t catch the attention of local law enforcement with their stunt, as we’re quite enjoying the display from behind our computer monitors. Still, it has to be said: don’t try this at home, kids.

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