Triple-white Fox Body Mustang: The Ultimate Head Turner

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1987 Ford Mustang

Gorgeous 1987 vert has only 17,800 miles on its 5.0-liter V8, leather sports seats and its original build sheet.

It’s a bit chilly around most of the United States right now. The gifts have already been opened, the ham’s all been eaten, and all that’s left is an empty space for a new car to fill. Particularly, a drop-dead gorgeous 1987 Mustang 5.0 convertible.

Why not start the new year off right by filling that space with this Mustang convertible we happened upon the other day while looking through the inventory of Mundelein, Illinois’ North Shore Classics.

1987 Ford Mustang

This particular Fox body Mustang wears Oxford White paint with an Oxford White top and white leather sports seats, all of which have been kept immaculate over the decades.

1987 Ford Mustang

Under the hood is the Mustang’s 5.0-liter V8, which made 225 horses out of the gate back in its day. The standard five-speed manual was dumped in favor of a four-speed automatic with overdrive, per the car’s original build sheet.

Like the outside, the inside is trimmed in red, from the seat belt fabric to the console and door inserts. The optional graphic equalizer will keep your tunes bumping wherever you go, while the air conditioner will keep you cool once summer returns.

1987 Ford Mustang

This amazing Mustang has logged 17,800 miles, and it could stand to log a few thousand more. Maybe somewhere where the sun always shines, and the winds are always warm.

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