World’s Fastest Stick Shift Mustang Runs 7s

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Mind-blowing SN95 is a 4V, fire-breathing, turbo-stuffed drag demon that gobbles up asphalt at break-neck speed.

BigKleib34, one of our favorite YouTube channels for fast Mustang content, is back with yet another impressive video of a Mustang doing what it does best: go blisteringly fast down the dragstrip.

This isn’t just any fast Mustang, though: this happens to be the fastest stick-shift Mustang in the world. It’s a bright yellow, Modular-powered SN95, dubbed the “Minion,” after those yellow kid’s movie cartoon characters your mom is always posting on Facebook.

Given how amazingly fast this car is, we’re willing to forgive the corny name. Amazingly, this Mustang is still powered by a 4.6-liter, albeit with substantial modifications and the addition of Precision 62mm turbochargers.

The stock-displacement 4V engine has been upgraded with better-flowing C heads (from the Terminator cars) and a massive hand-made intake manifold that pokes through the tall cowl hood.

7-Second SN95 Cobra—"Minion"

One thing we like about BigKleib34’s videos is that he does a great job of showing off the entire car in the pits while interviewing the owner, so that we’re not left in the dark as to what combo makes the car featured in the video so fast.

According to the video, the owner has had the car for three years, and started down the path of bolt-on upgrades before things got way out of hand. When he bought it, the car was bone stock. Now, after trying nitrous, superchargers, and more, the car is on its second engine and running in the 7 second range.

That’s right, 7s! While nothing with slicks and a parachute could ever be described as a sleeper, we’re sure this yellow SN95 has surprised its fair share of competitors.


In stock form, 4V SN95 Cobras are already potent cars, capable of high 13s with a competent driver. With some bolt-ons—especially tall gears—they’re capable of even more impressive times, shaving full seconds off of the stock timeslip. However, it takes serious dedication to get into the 7s—and serious skill, if you’re still shifting your own gears.

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