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Be careful, you'll shoot your eye out kid. hahaha

Seriously, WhiteFox seems to know his **** about these cars, so I'd say that the clutch adjustment should fix your problem. As a madder of fact, I'm gonna do this on my car as well as my tranny is kinda hard to get into first at times.
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Almost every stick vehicle ive ever driven is harder goin into 1st than the other gears for some reason. Probablly cause they were all worn out haha. For reverse i usually go 4th gear then reverse. I got used to doin this on my f150 wit a unsychronized reverse and low gear.
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The more I think about it, I think what he is experiencing is sort of "normal"... I know he said when he stops, but its like tryna shift into first at low speeds (10 mph or so) and you get that little clunk and then it slides in. Sometimes, when you come to a stop, the revs are still ~1100 (PCM has that rpm decay) and it may seem harder to get into. Try adjusting the pedal, then try sliding it into 2nd then 1st
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I tried pulling the pedal up, but it wont budge. I can feel it move just a bit (maybe thats the click), but I was really expecting a loud click. I feel like pulling any harder would break it.
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Its not a huge noticeable click. There is a manual way to adjust it, but I wouldn't bother. Especially if you are having a hard enough time doing this, I tried the manual way, but didn't like it.
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Old 01-04-2009, 02:52 AM   #16
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i did that clutch adjustment ^, its the only thing that has worked for me

and i dont think you have successfully done it yet if you didnt like it, you will hear a click and know that you did change it if it does work, its kinda tricky to do but you will know when you do it correctly and will be able to do it whenever you want. i can do it with my toe now

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Exclamation Grindy issues!

Seems I found the right thread. My 2000 GT is a b***h to put into 1st occasionally too. I tried the owners manual way, can see the pawl lifting but no click after pushing down. So the cable must be pretty tight, if I ease it in gently from second you can feel the gear is spinning against the shifter as you slide it in with the clutch pedal pressed. I bought this car couple weeks ago from an old guy, couldn't pass up a 2000 with 52k on it!
I'm planning on changing the clutch in a couple weeks just for piece of mind, not because it needs it, hopefully that will help. If anyone else has any input please get in touch with me here!
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Hi I have a 2011 GT. I have a hard time getting it to go into first gear too (sometimes).

Will WhiteFoxGT's fix work for a 2011? I am female so exactly how hard do I need to pull the clutch up towards me. Don't want to break it.

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