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Buck268 05-19-2009 05:17 PM

The ever-tricky P1443 EVAP DTC
So, been struggling with this P1443 for a little while now, doing research and checking stuff out. Seems the most common situation is either failed valve itself, failed sensor (between valve and intake) or cracking lines. Sometimes the conister is a problem, but not typically.

So I went and replaced the valve ($41 from rockauto, not bad). No CEL for about a week (100 miles) but it came back on the freeway the other night. A little more research and testing and so far I'm at zilch.

The purge valve is receiving about 13.3vdc when the engine is running, and about .05mA at idle, raising to .06mA during +2000rpm. Under no conditions is it allowing vacuum to pass (hooked vacuum guage up to the end of valve that goes to the canister). The question is whether this voltage/current is approriate for the valve to receive (thus the valve being a problem again) or is the low curren to potential issue here? If that is the case... well, any ideams on solutions? My only thought would be a possibly broken wire somewhere, but that should manifest as sporatic voltage readings as well :confused::confused:

swarthyfellow 05-21-2009 04:50 PM

I have had this code since i bought my car 2 years ago. I can figure it out. It doesn't really seem to matter at all. I could be wrong. The only thing i can tell is every time i clear the code it comes back in about 100 miles. So what every you did didn't actually do anyhing to fix it. It would seem that you are have atleast elminated wiring for it though, because if you are getting any voltage that is around 12v its prolly good. Good luck to you.

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