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Default My 96 GT Build/Slow Restoration

Hey everyone a few weeks ago i bought my first Mustang. It's a 96' GT vert with the 4.6L. It's pretty rough but i got it for what i felt was a decent price considering it runs and drives just not real good lol. I have a TON of ?'s for you guys but instead of asking all of them at once i will post up what I'm working on and maybe you guys can give me some help. Im on a little bit of a budget so i don't know how fast i will be ordering parts because i have two f150s and a harley that need attention too lol.

Anyways here's some pics

After I'm done fixing everything i need to for it to be roadworthy I plan to mod the crap out of this thing. It may take a few years but I hope to have at least 350 to the rear wheels if thats reasonable. Please chime in with ideas i know very little about mustangs compared to my trucks lol.

My first purchase will be tires and would love some recommendations from you guys. Im gonna try to buy some used ones for cheap just so i can drive it(old ones are dry rotted bad). But if that doesn't work out I'm gonna just buy new.

Thanks in advance guys

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Car looks to be a good starter for a project. As for tires, you will get a million different answers. If you plan on buying used, I would find a set of wheels/tires combo, it should be easy to find a stock set cheap to get going. As for new, if this is a weekend warrior/cruiser, I would suggest NT05's or Dunlop Star Specs. Both are entry level open track/auto-x tires and grip well on the street for spirited drives. Not quite as sticky as a drag radial but will do well enough. If you more of a drag guy, just go with most any drag radial on the rear. NT555r's, NT05r's and Mickey Thompson's tend to be the trends.
As for 350rwhp, the easiest and cheapest way is to piece together a vortec blower and intercooler. I have seen it done completed and tuned for around $2000-$2500. This can net you up to 450rwhp. The rods in these 4.6 tend to break in the 400-450 range depending on varibles. I have seen plenty live in that range WITH a good tune.
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My 04 GT vert is just a cruiser/second car,but I'm happy with my General G max tires.If memory serves,they were reasonably priced.
No need to disclose the price,but I wonder what folks consider a good price for a "96 in rough shape"
My 04 is still pretty nice,77k,well maintained and not abused,needs nothing,(probably has a bad ABS module,and has rain leak,but I'd take the car anywhere)and I don't think that I could do better than 8k,so I'll keep driving it.
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If you are budget tight I think you can go with a cheap set of tires just to get you safely rolling on the road. You won't need anything special since the car is stock.
That will give you more money on hand to fix up more stuff.
Nice ride btw.. I'm currently restoring/ upgrading my 2001 vert gt. I have done a lotime to my car already. Currently I'm swapping in a new motor. So I'm a little further down my path than you. If you have questions feel free to PM me
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Well its been awhile don't have much to update, besides the fact that I got new tires on (stock size) and I replaced the battery hold down and tray. I also cleaned the car up and got a lot of crud off it.

I'm hoping to get more done this year, since it sat for about a year due to needing money for other things.

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Looks clean for it's year.

Best of luck. Rims look great.
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I have a 98 hard top, all most the same car, drop that car an inch to an inch and a half and it take on a whole new look
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