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5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.

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Default RE: 347 myths and reality

solve your problem just go with a 400...end it there...no i'm just kiding my friend has one in his f-100 truck and he loves it...lol
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Default RE: 347 myths and reality

I'd say go with a bulebrpint and zero balanced 306...but that's just me.
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Default RE: 347 myths and reality

Interesting discussion. I don't buy the idea of the longer the stroke the shorter the engine life. Keep in mind any one spot in the cylider is only touched once by the ring each stroke no matter how long the stroke, longer stroke is longer cylinder use. Now the rings could wear faster with a longer stroke but most built engines use different rings than the factory build and don't seem to pose a wear problem. If you build an engine "right" you will have correct alingments, clearances, polished finishes and better materials than the factory assembly line build. One of the big issues with the 5.0 engines is the block, to much power and it will break. The longer the stroke the more force you put on the block (at the same RPM) when the piston is chaning directions. To make this less of an issue you need to do a few things, add a girdle, align hone the main journals, stronger rod bolts, balance all internals, verify all jounal clearances, and limit horse power to ~ 550.
Well, guess I will take my own advise since I am currently building a 347 stroker.
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Default RE: 347 myths and reality

hey 87mustang347 yeah i'm fifteen i have my restricted license, which means i can drive to school and work....which doesn't really matter cause i can drive anyway.......i live in Kansas and the state law says i can drive to school and work with a restricted license.....but yeah if i don't get caught i can drive where ever the hell i want.....so yeah.....yeah it's always tight to have friends my age that are into cars.....we got a group of guys at my school that are really into cars and we all get together and work on them at someone's garage...but yeah...bolt ons are great, just keep adding peice by peice and you can make it pretty fast....that's what i'm planning to do.....job brings in like 300 a week and i don't have anything to spend my money on so yeah....that's like a part per week sometimes 2...keep it going.....hopefully i can get rrrr done with a 5.0 by summer too...goodluck
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Default RE: 347 myths and reality

you know what..here is how i see it...if you get even 15-25k miles on it..that is good..ok..get real..a 347 or 331 would be built cause the owner wanted more power and to go faster...with that in mind more than likly it will be raced and driven to the point of near explosleish every time...those motors are pupopsly built race sytle motors...almost every time..after market heads and cam get inslalled with notrous, blowers or turbos...i wouild be trilled to get a true 10k out of a hot rod motor
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