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5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.
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Angry 1995 mustang 5.0 car dies while driving ? HELP?

My 1995 mustang keeps dying out of the blue? first we put a fuel filter on in,cuz the previous owner must have taken it off and never replaced it . cleaned injectors , replaced a few of them. also replaced ignition module, also new neutral safety switch which went bad. .. Thought it was fuel related . replaced old hoses , searched for vaccum leaks ...ran it on a obd1 code reader ,, nothing comes up wrong. but it dies going down the road and then wont start right back up ( most of the time) ... sometimes a few min , to a few hours it will start back up and run fine again for a day or so ... It's spiratic.. and been to 4 mechanics to try to figuire it out .. but it never happens when they test drive it .. HELP !! PLease . Anyone got any experience in this problem that can help ? Please comment.....
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Likely the pickup in the distributor. Heat soak increases the resistance of the pickup, causing it's signal to disappear until cooled.
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What mattdel said is probably the most plausible. Check other vital wires like positive/negative terminals, and the hot wire going to the engine. Generally when you have sudden and quick kills on your engine, it's electrical. Fuel or vacuum leaks will cause you to sputter to a stop, if they would stop you at all.
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Everyone! It's simple. I have had this problem in two 5.0's. It's called the PCM failure. Try replacing the PCM instead of chasing it all down. I have all ready thrown parts at my 93 Cobra that would not start after driving and being shut off. after cool down, hours later, the car started fine. Happened over and over and I replaced everything. Finally, I just decided to get a used A9L PCM and never a problem again. Then my next 95 GT did the same thing. Replaced the PCM first, never a problem again
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Smile 1995 ford mustang dies while driving .....

Thanks for the tips guys ... and drum roll.. the answer is .... the distributor .. it was toast.. replaced it and put new fuel filter as well ... Runs TOPS now .. Thanks for the help .. Soooooo greatful BAck on the ROAD !!!!!!!
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Default No more Fords for me!

Hope this helps those plagued with the issue of "die on the road" because my forever gone 1986 Mustang was almost the death of me back when I had it. It was only recently that someone commented jokingly to me about that car ownership that prompted me to tell about that experience and Ford Motor Company's unwillingness to resolve the issue with this Mustang until it was too late and I had already sold it as scrap metal did I receive a vehicle recall notice to replace the TFI module of which caused problems with other models in the Ford lineup. My Mustang was never included in this recall until it was too late and believe me, I had several times where it died and I ended up having to push it out of the way of oncoming traffic or abandon it so yes, this Ford was on countless times, almost the death of me and I will never own another one again due to negligence on their part. It was in the dealership shop for almost a month and they couldn't diagnose the exact issue back then but I will never forget the pain this car that I pampered like my baby inflicted on me but at least I'm still alive to tell about it.
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Default 1995 Mustang GT Suddenly Quits

My car did the same thing as described above (i.e., while driving down the road, tach went to zero very quickly/engine stopped. It would sometimes restart promptly. Sometimes not so quickly. After reading the above post, I decided to replace the distributor...I got what was available immediately, a re-manufactured stock, like-for-like unit, and replaced it. Easy job and pretty cheap ...car hasn't quit since. Thanks for the posts; they helped a lot.

P.S. I just bought this GT a couple weeks ago, love it so far.

Also, during all these sudden stops and attempts to restart, thought I "broke" the starter. It would spin at high speed but not engage the engine. Upon getting into it...after unbolting the starter and turning to take remove, both screws that secure the solenoid to the starter simply fell out unto the ground. I checked threads foe being stripped, but they were good. I reinstalled screws and tightened. Works great.
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Welcome to the forum Kent, but check the dates on the threads before replying. I'm sure they've got it figured out by know lol.

We've all done once.............. once.
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