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yurizx6r 04-21-2014 09:43 AM

Engine Sounds Like a Diesel... Need HELP!!!
Hey guys, I need some serious help here. So I started off by trying to swap the leaking water pump when a bolt snapped in the engine block, so I took the timing cover off. When the timing cover was off, I heated up the bolt with a torch and tried to get it out. When I couldn't I had to put a tig welder and weld a nut on the bolt to get it out. Once that was done, I decided to change the timing chain with a Ford racing steel timing chain and advance the timing to 4 degrees. When I put it all back together (used torque specs too), I did 2 oil changes on it and filled the radiator. When I tried to start it, it didn't want to start (it tried though). I got it to start by turning the distributor, but it was twice as loud and sounded like CRAP. So I ripped everything apart again and put the timing chain back to stock and put the base timing back to 12 degrees on the distributor. It idles fine, the engine, it drives ok, volume is back to normal, but it sounds like I have a diesel motor and there is some kind of scrapping-ish diesel sounding noise. It sounds worse the higher you rev the motor. It sounds like it could be coming from piston 3 or 4 on the passenger side (the two toward the fire wall on the passenger side)..... any ideas?

88 orangepeel notch 04-21-2014 10:57 AM

The diesel sound your trying to describe, is it pinging from detonating, gets worse with a load on the motor, or is it a solid knock sound?

yurizx6r 04-21-2014 11:15 AM

yes, the higher you rev the motor the louder it becomes. It is consistent with the RPMs. I guess it sounds like more of a tick. The best way I can describe it is it sounds like a diesel engine now.

yurizx6r 04-21-2014 12:11 PM

It sounds like this!

dawson1112 04-21-2014 12:20 PM

That sounds like a lifter sticking.

yurizx6r 04-21-2014 12:43 PM

Ok so say it is a lifter.... how the hell did that happen!? What did that have to do with the timing chain? Is there any way to test it before I rip the motor apart again?

88 orangepeel notch 04-22-2014 11:39 AM

Have you put any miles on since the timing chain. Maybe the lifter bled down and you just have to run it awhile to get it to pump back up.

I have to ask, have you checked the oil level lately?

yurizx6r 04-22-2014 12:37 PM

The oil level is 100% perfect with Mobil 1. I drove it for 5 miles and it did not get better.

dawson1112 04-22-2014 04:03 PM

Ive never had to weld on a water pump bolt to get it out, is it possible that you got it so hot that you cooked the oil around that lifter ?

yurizx6r 04-23-2014 02:06 PM

I don't think so. The noise seems to be coming from the cylinder that's the second closest to the fire wall (#3 I think). I did a compression test on it last night (yes it was cold because I don't want to risk running it unless I HAVE to), and my highest# was 175 and my lowest# was 158. So I guess that's good?

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