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318 Mustang

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Default RE: 318 Mustang

From a performance stand point you arent getting anywhere unless you have a crate 380hp 360 layin around, or a 6 pack 340. Dodge small blocks arent exactly powerhouses, aftermarket heads that will allow them to keep up with the readily available and cheap Windsor heads (Or stock Cleveland for that matter) are enormously expensive. The Edelbrock Mpoar heads wont run with the Ws or Cs.

The 904 and 727 would fit ok, they are smaller than C6s and FMX, but they have super long tailshafts. You would need a front sump pan for the LA small block, (LA is 273,318,340,360)

Exhaust is another sticky issue, most Mopar headers go up and over because ChryCo decided to put metal under the engines. So finding a set that actually fit would be un-fun, fender well headers are out since Fords have stuff there that holds the car up, and parts like master cylinders/prop valves. Custom headers would be a probablity, stock manifolds wont fit with the steering linkage.

The mounts would end up being motor plates for the cheapest most effective way of doing it. That would require custom accessory mounting, and placement, pullies, and more fabrication.

If the only reason to do it is being different, that just isnt a good enough reason when you have a very low budget. Like free stuff budget. Whiskey tastes - Water pocketbook. And the whiskey wont get you as drunk as almost any other small block whiskey.

Just stabbing a 360 into a 68-73 Dart takes a bunch of work and its all Mopar stuff. They arent really inclined for swaps.

One reason why a 32 is so easy to stick alternative engines in is simple. It has two frame rails, 4 crossmembers, the steering and suspension is ahead of the engine, the hood can be removed easily, and mounts have to be fabbed for anything anyway. You have tons of room unless you want the hood and hood sides on it. Any oil pan will work provided it isnt 3 feet deep. The only real question with a 32 or similar vintage car is running the exhaust outside the frame rails or inside under the floor. Huge difference with a Mustang is everything is in the way, its a tight compartment (except for the 71-73) and the steering is behind the spindles where most other engines have the oil pan. If it has a rear distributor, chances are its set up for a rear sump.
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Default RE: 318 Mustang

shorthand of above. Yeah it can be done; but...

Why would you want to?
What purpose would it serve?
Why expend the effort to achieve such a limited thing?
You can stick any engine in any car, all it takes is money. How much you got?
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Default RE: 318 Mustang

I wouldnt do it im lazy dont like making mounts and tranny cross member.Save some money build up a ford engine small block or a big block if its a 67-73.
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Default RE: 318 Mustang

Putting a POS Mopar LA engine into a Mustang would cause every particle in your body to reverse itself and explode at the speed of light.

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Default RE: 318 Mustang

I wouldn't put one in a Mustang, but I sure wouldn't call a 340 a POS engine. I have seen one in a street driven 69 Cuda stroked to 411 cubes that runs low 10's consistantly on all motor, no power adders.

I am a hot rodder and I like a lot of different cars and engines. It's good to be different sometimes. I have and old 55 Desoto engine I am building to put in a 27T after the Mustang is complete. Even the old nailhead Buicks are cool. Only thing I get tired of is seeing small block Chevies in everything. Nothing against them because they are good engines, just entirely to over done.
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in a foxbody.. but mustang anyway..
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I have to agree that you shouldn't do it or try. By the time you were done I think you would wish you had put a stroked 351w and called it a day. A 393 or 408 with good heads is an eeeeeasy 500+hp engine that will run good in a street car, or 600+hp but more hard to live with...
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