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Default Resto-Mod 1969 or 1970 Stang

I posted this on another mustang forum but I figured I'd post here as well to get some more opinions.

I have a dream to Resto-Mod a 1969 or1970 Stang. Something along these lines but not quite as extreme Maybe do a sort of Boss clone. I wont be worried about matching numbers or keeping an original look under the hood. Im thinking either a 351w or a 428c/j. I know the 428 is way more expensive but I really like the way the big blocks sound and then some modern mods like like possibly a 6 speed manual trans. I want a car to take out and enjoy (not a trailer queen). Im just looking for ideas from you guys about what the best way to go about this is.

Should I look for a boss or get a regular 70 stang and make it a resto-mod-clone? Would I be better off with the 302, a 351, or a 428? What sort of HP could i reasonably expect out of these enginescar? What are the pros/cons of a 302 vs 351 vs 428?

I also had another idea and I know its sacrilege but what about buying a 70 Mustang vert and turn it into a sort of boss clone? I was thinking of doing the grabber orange and black color scheme with a black rag top. What do you guys think of that idea? Dont flame me too much for wanting performance and a vert...I live in San Diego and a vert is high on my list of priorities with a car like this. I would probably never race this would be a car to drive on the weekends and just enjoy. Any info you guys would like to share would be helpful.

Let the discussion about my dream car begin.
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Default RE: Resto-Mod 1969 or 1970 Stang

Mike, do what 'ya feel.

As for getting a true Boss or cloning for a regular driver, it's up to you but if I were going to modify I would not spend the money on a true Boss, I would get a FB and mod the clone the way you want. Suspension, disk brakes, 6 speed trans. etc. All these things would take from the true Boss but would be great on a car to be driven.

I have a '69 'vert. I am way modding. Heidt's MSII IFS, IRS, 4.6 modular engine, (lots more), a '69 Shelby outward look. If you want a Boss 'vert, make a Boss 'vert. That is the beauty of these old cars, my Dads era took the rear fenders off old cars, ran them without the engine cowls, removed the crome and chopped the tops down. Today we call those cars "Hot Rods"!You have to know that there were many tradidtionalists that did not care for what they were doing and thought they were ruining those cars, but in the end...

As for the engine choice, any of these can produce enough HP to get your grin on, it kind ofdepends on what you want to spend. I would not go too crazy with a build if I were going to drive it regularly, the hotter she is the faster she burns (Out that is). realisticly, you can toast most rice on the roads today with a well put together 302 but the 351 and 428 are both nice, and will cost you more at the pump. Again, your choice.

So I say again, do what 'ya feel!
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Default RE: Resto-Mod 1969 or 1970 Stang

Don't take a real Boss 302 and mess it up by resto-moding it. Resto-mod the more normal models, not the super rare ones...

So I think you should take a 69/70 fastback, coupe or vert, and do what you want with it. A 351w would be a good choice as many will tell you. You can stroke it out to 408 or even 427 (but thats pushing it) all while being in a small block platform. Also parts are very available for the 351w as compared to it being hard and more expensive to buy parts for a 428.

So in short, I would make a clone... a Boss 408 [8D]
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Default RE: Resto-Mod 1969 or 1970 Stang

I have seen 2 different real boss 302 made in to restomods made a little sick.But its your car do anything you want that makes you happy.Id go for a 429 or 460 over the fe there cheaper and can make more power.
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