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Default My Texas friends I have a question for ya!!

My Texas friends,

I currently live in California and my family has decided that we should move to Texas. I'm pretty excited considering the fact that the smog laws aren't as strict as California! Here in CA we have extremely strict emissions laws due to all the eco friendly hippies that live in San Francisco!

So the question I had for you guys is, what are the smog procedures in Dallas, Texas and can you pass with an offroad x pipe?

I've heard that Texas is a great state for emissions cause people there have cams and all that and pass.

What I plan on doing is the following:

Throwing a set of high flow cats on my pypes x pipe and smogging it with a 91 octane race flash from bama. Will I pass?

Also can you pass emissions in texas with long tube headers, catted x pipe, and ***** thumpr cams?

I have no idea how smog is in Texas so if you guys can help me out so I can prepare my car that would be great! Also, do I need to make my car stock to pass the safety inspection, and will they have me remove my 35% window tint that isn't that dark?
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Cypress Stang
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35% is the legal limit for the front doors for the tint. Sorry can't help you with rest.
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Can't say for sure but as long as you have cats and everything is working properly, your exhaust should be fine. Do some research but there are only certain counties (around the large cities) that require emissions testing. I think it's DFW, Houston, San Antonio and Austin but check on that. (I KNOW Austin requires it, I live there.)
As for the tint, when I got mine, they said that the lowest you can go on the doors was 25% but with the amount of tint that was already there, the lowest they could install was the 35% paper. Back and quarter windows can be as dark as you want.
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DFW area has emissions testing, as do all major cities in Texas and surrounding counties. As far as I know the off-road pipe is a no-go. The major cities all have smog issues - Houston in particular. Seriously, don't add to the problem. Add to the solution.

In my personal opinion anyone that intentionally disables smog reducing features on their vehicle should lose their license. Sure, I'd like my car to sound *that* much better....but we have trashed this planet enough as is. Time to be adults now and make smart decisions.
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You have to pass visual as well as OBDII emissions readiness. A catted X or H is typically needed. Proper tuning makes a difference, too. Headers and other "modifications" to the stock exhaust system are allowed and accepted, as long as the basic inspection criteria are satisfied. (You can look up texas dmv inspection criteria for details).

As far being able to pass with various mods and custom tuning, yes you can pass with a properly configured tune and appropriate exhaust setup. Many people mess up and don't get the tuning right, then find out they can't pass later.
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I'm in a more rural county...not sure if it varies for metro areas. As long as I don't have a check engine light on and the safety inspection goes well everything is fine. They will hook it the computer and do a test, then pop the hood to do a visual check.
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