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S281 E
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Well I promised a review so I'll do the best I can. I wanted to wait until I had more drive time and with all the rain these days it might be a while. I got the car back about a month ago and she is still running strong. Still haven't found any drawbacks or any regrets of things I should have done differently. Just to get some of the newbies up to date the car is a 2006 S281E. I had the car stock for about a year until I decided to do "ALL" the bolt ons possible. During a fun drive one of the fuel pumps took a dive and took a cylinder with it. Since the block had to be removed I decided to do everything I could while the motor was out. Port and polished the heads, valve springs, valve seals, new pistons (Dropped compression), Ported the supercharger, ARP products, Throttle body...you name it I got it.

Part way throught the project the idea of a set of twin turbo's was introduced. While waiting for the kit to come in I was asked what would become of the blower. I obviously said I would sell it to recoup cost....that is when the idea of a twincharged setup was started. After a long year and a half I finally got the car back. The tune is what took the longest by far. The blower is set at 9lbs with the turbo's set to 5lbs. The car made 620RWHP and 650RWTQ. This done while driving the car around getting the driveability correct. I am waiting to bring the car back when the expert tuner from SCT is available so we can turn the boost up and do some real dyno pulls. Once this is done I will post the dyno graphs. As you would expect the car hits hard and fast. The turbo's seem to start spooling at 2800/2900 RPM and hit full boost at 3400/3500RPM. The car made 600RWTQ at 2400RPM. Its carzy torque which means to traction. I plan on swapping the rear tires to some drag radials but I don't think its going to help much. The car does pull in every gear. In stock form it would pull in 5th but not that noticable. Now she'll pull in 6th like a stock GT 4th. Its rediculous! For fun I will slow the car down and put her in 2nd gear. I'll start to slowly pull out until I hit 3000 RPM and than gun it. The car will take off like a rocket but once I get to about 5500RPM the tires will just break loose. Never been in a car that could do that. Can't go WOT until midway through 3rd or she'll go sideways. I plan on putting some youtube videos up shortly. Hopefully this weekend.

As for the turns I am taking the same turns I did before at 85/90 at 115/120 with no body roll. The car is planted and just hunkers down. The LCAs, K-Member, A-arms were replaced from the stock Saleen suspension. Thinking about doing the Watts link and a set of coilovers to finish things off but I'm still thinking about it. The cars drives so well I'm hesitent to do anything at this point. Saleen does a good job with the suspension on the extremes and with the k-member, A-arms, and LCAs it just put the icing on the cake.

As we all know descriptions are difficult to pass on to others. I will try to take her out to the track at least a couple of times to get some 1/4 mile times and some road course times since that will be the only true test. As for now I'll keep practicing and getting better. The car feels so different from stock......better but just have to relearn.
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Full Griggs set-up? Jazzer can chime in but this would seem to fit your handling needs.

Can't wait to see your 1/4 mile time. You should only get one pass unless you have had a cage installed. I think 11.50 is the fastest you can run with no cage. You should blow by that easy. Sitting here jealous of your set-up.
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S281 E
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11.50 is the fastest at my local track and no I have no cage. I'm going to at least wait until I have the DR on. Plus I need to learn a good RPM to launch this thing. Pretty happy with how she sounds and handles now. I was contemplating the Griggs setup in the begining but wanted to wait how she would come out. Not too shabby I might say.
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07Saleen X
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Originally Posted by S281 E View Post
Let me start by apologizing first. I couldn't help myself so I thought I would let the last post fester a little bit. Its for all of those nay sayers that thought this couldn't be done. I received a couple of emails telling me how much of a waste of money this idea was and how it would never work. Its hard to believe how close minded people can be sometimes. Here is my real review:
I know this thread is old, and I'm glad you're happy with the results, but I got to tell you, how lame does this sound? Sounds kinda girly.
You wrote this to see how many guys would be criticizing you? I guess you're one of those guys that live your life looking around to see who criticizes you?

About the stroker kit, I've seen a bunch of these and man, all of them are glad they did it. No issues with stroker lenght or reving etc.
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Talk about thread necromancy, dude 281_E's last post here was like 2 years ago. Don't think hes gonna be around to respond...
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