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Default Breaking up under 2k

My 04 Cobra seems to be breaking up a bit under 2k while revving. Changed the plugs and the stumble right from idle is now gone, but it still feels like it's breaking up and can def hear a chug around 1500 rpms while revving in neutral or driving in 1st or 2nd gear.

Going to replace the coil packs next..if I have to.

Going to let it warm up and start missing at idle and start pulling fuel injectors one at a time and try to isolate what cylinder seems to be mis-firing.

Feels like it runs fine above 2,000 rpm.
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Had the same issue when I had a cracked plug.

Double check the plugs, and in your case the Coils themselves ( had a v6 so only a coil pack). Instead of buying all new coils, buy one, then one-by-one swap each one out of the motor and see if the problem still persists. When the car loses the issue you're having then you will have found the bad coil.

Could also be an CAI leak too. It would affect the engine idle and A/F more on the low end vs the high end.

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A lil off-topic but haven't you been trying to sell your cobra for a long *** time now? Anyone come look at it yet? Why you selling it? It looks sick!!
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when the last time you changed your fuel filter? Usually bad cop's will throw a check engine light when it misfires, and it will bog down really bad when you start to accelerate.

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i have this same proble with my 96 right now, changed the oil, oil filter, and fuel filter, helped the problem but its still there so next is the plugs as mentioned for me
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I just get a weird 'glug' at idle or under 2k while revving it. I got all new NGK's and while it seems a touch stronger and the break up issue got BETTER, it's still not gone.

Mustang3, not actively trying to sell it. It won't be much longer before it is paid off. Lot of people have looked, mostly dreamers or tire kickers. I live in an area where someone wanting to pay 20k+ for a 5 year old sports car other than a Corvette is a pipe dream.

Millions of GT's around here, since they can be had for under 12k, now the 05/06's are getting down in price and they are starting to show up everywhere.

Still can't believe the attention the car gets, 5 years old.
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