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Turbo Mustang Fail


I love turbo cars. They make great wooshy noises and generally have enough horsepower and torque to restart a small planet’s gravitational field. Unfortunately, the turbo Mustang you see here hasn’t really been tuned properly and, well, things go wrong quickly.

Tire Tech: Tire Shaving

  – by Justin Banner   When you attack the track for a track day, autocross, or time attack with your stock tires, they usually end up very feathered or even have chunks coming off. Even as-bought high-performance tires can come back with missing pieces, but aren’t they designed for this environment? They are, but […] More »

Dealer list reveals pricing for options on 2015 Mustang

If you’ve been wondering how much some of the options and packages might cost for a new 2015 Mustang you’re in luck. Numbers captured from a dealer ordering list provide a pretty good scope of exactly how much a lot of those most talked-about features will cost on the new Ford pony car, as detailed in an Auto Blog report.

How To Polish your Mustang’s Rims

One of the best ways to keep your Mustang rims looking their best is to routinely polish them. Chrome rims will begin to fade and lose their luster over time. They may even develop scratches and other signs of wear and tear that contribute to an overall loss of attractiveness in the system. This means […] More »

Mustang Wheels to Fit your Budget

Mustang wheels are among the most distinctive parts of any Mustang vehicle. Ford’s Mustang is a sleek, stylish car that has class and sophistication in its aesthetic, and selecting the appropriate wheels for the vehicle is crucial in order to maintain the cool look and appearance of the vehicle. If you are looking to purchase […] More »

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