Challenge Accepted: Bolt-On s550 Mustang Drags a Bolt-On Hellcat

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Bay Area Racing is a great source for no-nonsense racing videos. Going on 10 years of coverage, BAR prides itself itself on straight-forward drag content. And this week’s featured matchup is between an E85-powered bolt-on 2015 s550 Ford Mustang and a bolt-on Hellcat Challenger.

Aside from the mention of the E85, there’s no detailed run-down of what’s actually been done to each of these cars, but at their bases, we know that the Challenger is much heavier and starts with far more horsepower. That said, the Coyote Mustang jumps off the line quicker than the Hellcat, but the Challenger always catches up in the second half of each run. The driver in the Hellcat also doesn’t seem to know how to launch properly.

Judge for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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