Mustang Drag Racer Wins After One Heck of a Save

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SN-95 takes a wild ride and makes a great save at No Prep Mayhem in Kansas.

No-prep racing tends toward the wilder side of drag racing, and this close call from No Prep Mayhem at Kansas International Dragway is a great example why.

In the video above, two very different Mustangs line up side by side. The red SN-95 leaves the supercharged Shelby and just romps away to the heads-up victory. But the track grip is just dicey enough that the SN-95 loses it after the finish line, and kisses the right-rear fender on the guardrail. The driver somehow manages to keep it out of the fence big-time, and earns some well-deserved cheers from the crowd. His suit might be soiled a bit, but a win’s a win.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “no-prep” racing, the track surface doesn’t get the usual preparation it would for a radial-tire race. The idea is to take drag racing off the streets and to place it into an environment with first responders and safety inspections. By keeping track prep to a bare minimum, the drag strip is able to make it hard to hook up and maintain grip throughout a full eighth-mile (usually) pass, like it would be on a public street. Without a “groove,” that can make for some particularly challenging conditions.

As such, this Mustang wasn’t the only run of the weekend to find the guardrails. Matt Frost’s supercharged ‘32 Ford took one on the chin, nosing into the fencing after skating through the first 330 feet of track. That bent up the Ford pretty good. Even more dramatic was David Hildebrand, whose Pro Mod-style Camaro wandered out of what passed for a groove on the unprepped track. He nearly clobbered Carl Scott’s car in the opposing lane, clocked the left fence, and then came across and flattened the right-side guardrail before tumbling big-time. It was a close call, but he was fine. However, his trailer burned down along with the car on the way home.

See how fun no-prep racing can be!

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