Donut-cutting Mustang Sends Too-close Bystander Flying

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Trying to get the perfect shot landed this bystander a trip to the hospital after an unfortunate encounter with a Mustang.

As you already know, Ford’s Mustang has developed a bit of a, um, reputation. Thanks to a small handful of incidents where showboating morons lost control and, well, drove into crowds of people. And ever since, the internet has declared our beloved Mustang a wild, uncontrollable beast destined to mow down people like some kind of glorified killer from a Stephen King movie. But this latest incident, documented on Instagram by 818_1320, appears to vindicate the driver, at least.

Instagram user angel09___ was just out having a good time and cutting some donuts on an empty road recently when it all went down. A group of people were standing in the middle, capturing the whole thing on video. But after a few tight donuts, the Mustang swung wide, smacking another bystander and sending him flying. How the guy didn’t see this coming, well, we don’t know. It looks like he had plenty of time to get the heck out of the way, at least to us.


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WAIT FOR IT. #GetBackOrGetSmacked Thanks @naedo50 #MustangThings #MustangsInTheWild Wild mustang: @angel09___

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The victim makes a rather feeble attempt to take a step back, but he needed to make two or three more. And honestly, we aren’t surprised that somebody got hurt in this terrible display of stupidity. No matter how much you want to get that great shot for the ‘Gram, is it really worth breaking a bunch of bones? We think not.

This sort of thing is kind of like the modern equivalent of what we used to see in rally racing. Where bystanders would risk life and limb to catch the action up close. Except these days, it’s all about getting Insta-famous. So next time you’re attending one of these impromptu hooning sessions, just remember. Keep your distance, or you might wind up becoming famous for all the wrong reasons.

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