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Water STILL coming into car after it rain.

Old 12-03-2018, 01:38 PM
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Default Water STILL coming into car after it rain.

I know there have been countless threads about this issue. Let me explain.

I have spent thousands of dollars trying to solve this. Went first to my local mechanic to have grommets replaced and fixed. Did not solve anything. Went to the auto body guy that did all the modifications to my car. He redid the grommets and sealed the areas around them. Replaced the lower door trims around the windows, and plugged up any hole he saw in the firewall. Did not solve the issues. After all that, decided it was time for the dealer. Yet again they redid the grommets and sealed them, Replaced the upper trim and weather seals on the windows, this means the windows have new seals, Charged me for a new keyless lock system because the electrical box on the passenger side was corroded, and for good measure I needed a new serpentine belt after 12 years. The Tech says the only place he can get water into the car is from pointing the hose at the point in the firewall where the ac and heater hoses pass thru it. But that is if her blasts water at that specific spot , yet that area has a molded spot overlapping that portion to prevent water coming in when the car is just parked. Anyhow the long of it is , none of any of this has resolved the water coming into the car when it is just sitting in the driveway and it rains. SO...I started this process back in May of 2018 and here it is Dec 2018. Who truly know when the water first started leaking in but that is in the past.

What am I missing? The drains are clear no debris in there, that was the first thing I ever did when this all started, even cost me two wiper motors in the past 3 years. I suppose if the rain is so hard that it builds up too fast for the drain to let it pass could still be a design flaw but???... The seaming at the firewall seems good. Where else can this water be coming from when the car is just sitting level in the driveway?
I have no idea where to look now because the water is still coming from what appears to be the same locations, the Firewall. I have taken the carpet out months ago and those rubber footpads attached to the firewall that have the cushioning attached to them prove that that is where the water is coming from, they are soaked.
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It can also get in through the cabin air filter, if the water level gets high enough
in the cowl. If you know this is an issue, and can't get it taken care of
properly, why are you not putting a car cover on it? It will at least keep the
water out till you can get it properly diagnosed and fixed. If it cost you TWO
wiper motors, then the drains are not opening up in the cowl. IF the water level
has gotten high enough to wipe out wiper motors, then the cowl is not draining.

Water will not get in through the A/C drain, from outside the vehicle...

The "electrical box" is the Smart Junction Box, a clear sign the drains are
still not working when that gets wet.

There are drains in the bottom of the cowl, they are like purses, that have slits
in the bottom that open up for water. You can remove them for wide open flow,
but any exhaust leaks, or fumes from the motor will pass back through, and
when you turn on the heat or air, those fumes will get into the cabin. However,
to test the functionality, remove the one on the passenger side before it rains
to see. IF you still get water in with that wide open, then it's from somewhere
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This could be your problem and the fix:

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I think he said he replaced all those, plus, those are not where the
wiper motor is, which is inside the cowl. Water coming in on the SBJ
is the water getting in through the cabin air filter. If it's on the driver side
too, then it's those ones under the cowl cover. If it's just the passenger
side, most likely, it;s coming in through the cabin air filter, as it also got
deep enough to wipe out two wiper motors. Plus, it also has to get
through where the cowl seals against the window... Pulling all those out
and reinserting them with a silicone adhesive, not sealant, will also work.
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Ford's TSB with known water leak locations.

Beyond that, a bad pinch weld somewhere in the cowl or a leak in the windshield seal (windshield to body).
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