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Default RE: Carb Tuning/Hesitation problem, autolite 1100

if only i knew of a place you could ask a 6 cylinder specific question...where would that be......?
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Default RE: Carb Tuning/Hesitation problem, autolite 1100


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Default RE: Carb Tuning/Hesitation problem, autolite 1100

This place is always a great starting spot for any classic stang questions. However, you might check out well...
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Default RE: Carb Tuning/Hesitation problem, autolite 1100

I just rebuilt an autolite 1100on my 65 mustang 6 cyl. (200 cid ,automatic). I would suggest you at least try this first. I had the same problem.I hit thegas and thecar would hesitate and stall out. Now it's running without hesitation and a great deal better. It's not that bad, this is what I did:
[ol][*]I bought the carb rebuilt kit at Napa. Kit # 2-5579.. around $22[*]Boughta carb cleaner bucket for about $17 at discount auto, Napa wanted $50.This bucket (paint can) is for letting thecarb/parts soak. Some people clean the carb with a $3 carb cleaner spray.[*]The carb kit should have instructions, if not see:[*]Make sure to remember where the 3 little ***** and the weight are placed. The carb kit will give you the 3 little *****, but not the weight.[*]Adjusting the float and accel pump level is important, along w/ the choke.[*]I let the parts soak about 30-45 minutes.[/ol]It isn't that bad, but if you haven't done it before it could be a challenge. If you're not up to it you can send the carb to a reputable rebuilder like
(I don't work for them). They will rebuilt it for you for around $219.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

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Default RE: Carb Tuning/Hesitation problem, autolite 1100

The Autolite 1100 gets hot is one of the main problems. I am having the same issue. I am going to try a carb spacer to keep it cool. I will let you know if I have any luck.
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Default RE: Carb Tuning/Hesitation problem, autolite 1100

I had a similar issue but mine was also stalling going up/down inclines. Long story but a new carb from Pony Carbs solved the issue. No hesitation, no stalling, smooth riding and the float is no stuck.

When I had the bad hesitation last year, they rejetted the carb and that worked for a while.

BTW, "I have a V6 200 engine with a autolite 1100 carb"

V6, huh? Unique car

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Default RE: Carb Tuning/Hesitation problem, autolite 1100

What gpfont said ,, did the same thing and it worked,,,also as was said above.... pony carbs for hard to find parts,,,,rebuild is a little pricey but they fix alot of manufacturing/performance issues
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I bought two Falcons new, '62 and '63 and both ran perfect and no carb' trouble in 160k miles on the '63. So... when the Carter on my Stude' Champ gave troubles I looked for and found an 1100 carb' from a '65 Comet. Cleaned it in every possible way. Soaked it in HEET for a week. Found a correct accelerator pump diaphragm on eBay and put it in. Set the float level to 11/32", from the lower edge of the casting to the top of the float, and about level in looks. I then made an adapter/riser, with matching flanges to the 1100 and the manifold. This raised the carb to the height of the old carb', allowing the original air cleaner setup to fit as it was before. I also welded fittings to the old auto-choke lever, with an arm to hold a HAND CHOKE cable, to the dash. I hate these old auto-chokes. Anyway guys, my little 170 Stude' Champ has never run so well or so smooth. Ford parts are hard to beat and don't be fooled... the 1100 Autolite carb' will work fine IF you CLEAN everything... run guitar string wire thru' all holes and passages. Soak in carb' cleaner or HEET. Buy or make a new gasket.
I make my own with a full set of small punches but a correct carb' kit will give you the gasket and other parts, like the needle & seat. I just used odd parts I have on hand that fit.
Note: Be sure that the little ball bearings are in the correct holes, with the small aluminum stud on top of the outlet ball. These ***** are the valves that make the accelerator pump work. Make a diagram of where these parts are when you take it apart. The ***** will fall out on the floor if you're not careful. Work on a cloth, on your bench or table. Make sure your float is good, as others have stated in these forums. Also, your float should only have a half inch of travel at the far end. Adjust the other prongs so that this travel up and down is attained. Too much float travel and it can jam the needle and not seat it.
Good luck guys ..........
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