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Default Overheating problems still.

I posted this on a site that had been started a while back instead of starting a new thread. Sorry for all the confusion and posts. Blonde you know!!
I had been asked to provide some pictures of the set-up of the belts and pulleys on my newly restored car. Hopefully the pictures and information I am providing will be enough to help someone let me know what I need to do to stop the over heating I am experiencing.
The pictures can be viewed at
This car overheats and I was told it was the pulley set-up that could be under driving the water pump. Could someone take a look at my website and let me know if they see any issues or have suggestions on whatI need to do. Thanks

Here is the set-up I have now:
One belt runs water pump, crank and alternator. The second belt is around the pump, crank and power steering and the third belt is around the a/c compressor, crank and idler. The dimensions of the pulleys are.
Outside dimensions 5 1/2 " on the water pump, 2 1/2" on the alternator, and 6 1/4" on the crank. The idler is a 3" pulley and the a/c pulley is 5 1/4". Hope this helps.

Old post:
Hi. I am new to this forum and have seen some of the posts. I need some expert or just good advice for that matter. I just got done with the restoration of my 1965 fastback 2+2 Mustang. They used my old block but bore it out to a 302.I installed Vintage Air, a new stock radiator 3 core anda fixed6 blade fan but no shroud. I have a stock water pump and a 195 thermostat. I am having over heating issues. It seemed to do fine on the freeway staying at about half but once I start an incline or idle for a while it goes all the way up and starts to boil when I stop the car. It pegs out on the temperature gauge before I stop. I have heard I should have used the new aluminum radiator but I would like to think this car should run fine with all the new items I put on. Could it be an issue with the A/C or could the water pump pulleys be under driven? I think I may have an issue with the way the pulleys are set up. I am very frustrated at the minute and would like to know if anyone has seen this problem or has any suggestions for me. Thanks
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Default RE: Overheating problems still.

Those pics don't show the water pump very well, but it looks like everything is hooked up correctly. If you are using the stock water pump pulley, that should be sufficient.

Here are a couple recommendations:

1 - Switch to a 180 degree thermostat. By the time the 195 thermo opens, there may not be sufficient time to cool things off before it reaches overheating temps...

2 - Get a fan shroud. I don'tbelieve the 65/66 cars came with one, but you've modified your engine so you may need one now. You'd be amazed at how much of a difference a simple fan shroud could make.

And if you really want a reliable set-up, switch to an electric fan like our modern cars have. You can run it off a temp swtich to only turn on at a certain point. This is what I did after my old set-up (just like yours!) almost overheated on me repeatedly in L.A. stop and go traffic. With an electric fan, I now have no worries at all...
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Default RE: Overheating problems still.

If it's fine on the freeway but not around town you're not drawing enough air.

I'd try what Rorin67 suggests, thermostats and shrouds are cheap.
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Default RE: Overheating problems still.

Also, check the thermostat to make sure you have it in the correct way.
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Default RE: Overheating problems still.

I would do the following:

1 - Switch to a 180 degree thermostat.

2 - swap to new water pump might even use hi flow upgrade

3 - Get a fan shroud

4 - Electric fan

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Default RE: Overheating problems still.

Thanks so much for the great ideas. I will start on the problem and will let you all know how it goes. IfI can figure out how to post some pictures of my car I will get them on here. Your advice is very much appreciated. Karla
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